“The glory of God is a human being fully alive, and the life of a human being is the beholding of God.

~ Saint Irenaeus


Christina writes from her home in New Hampshire (USA)

Christina Chase is a blogger and author of spiritual reflections, nonfiction, flash fiction, and poetry.  Living with a severely disabling disease (infantile spinal muscular atrophy) this writer bravely shares her pain and suffering – but, also celebrates the inherent sanctity of being human and the joy of being alive.  The subject of her reflections, essays, and poetry is the extraordinary wonder of ordinary things, the profound power of love, and the sacred, terrible beauty of life itself.  A revert to the Catholic Faith through a brief foray into atheism, Christina and her work are consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Christina Chase, wheelchair, beach

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Christina is currently writing a book on the sacred wonder of being human.  Stay tuned!