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To Every Man That Is among You

Sharing my “Bible burst” from my other blog.  It brings to mind something that I’ve often wondered about: how special should I feel that God loves me?  God loves everybody!  And, yet, this knowledge is essential for me to be fully myself – to be the unique person that God created me to be.  Although these writing exercises aren’t exactly lectio divina, they are helping me to better appreciate Scripture, improve my relationship with God, and better understand myself.

To Every Man That Is among You.

Christina Chase View All

There once was a cripple…
who wasn't afraid to acknowledge that she was a cripple or to share her life of wonder, struggles, sorrow, and joy with perfect strangers. Here I am.
Join me as I explore the reality of divine love in the flesh, reflecting on what it means to be fully human, fully alive.

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