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Before the World Began

The ageless question: why is there something instead of nothing?  A randomly selected Bible verse led me to explore this thought and more in this post that I’m pressing from my other blog.  I wish that I could break the rules of that blog (all writing/editing completed in one hour) and go back to change the last word from “Truth” to “Grace.”  But, I won’t.  (Just keep it in mind if you read it.)  If I ever compile my Bible Bursts into some kind of book, there will definitely be more editing!  To that end, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on any of these posts.

Before the World Began.

Christina Chase View All

There once was a cripple…
who wasn't afraid to acknowledge that she was a cripple or to share her life of wonder, struggles, sorrow, and joy with perfect strangers. Here I am.
Join me as I explore the reality of divine love in the flesh, reflecting on what it means to be fully human, fully alive.

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