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A Silly Bit of Poetry

Wildflowers, Meadow, Daisy

My brain is on vacation, as evidenced by this post. 🙂

Wildflowers, Meadow, Daisy


Ground Control


Some see a lawn in need of mowing,

Others see a meadow with wildflowers growing.

Depends which way the mind is blowing.

© 2018 Christina Chase

Photo by Christian Widell on Unsplash

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There once was a cripple…
who wasn't afraid to acknowledge that she was a cripple or to share her life of wonder, struggles, sorrow, and joy with perfect strangers. Here I am.
Join me as I explore the reality of divine love in the flesh, reflecting on what it means to be fully human, fully alive.

2 thoughts on “A Silly Bit of Poetry Leave a comment

  1. Good Morning Christina,
    A quick but heartfelt thank you for your ‘Is all Human Suffering the Same Suffering’ over on Agnellusmirror. . That is by no means a silly bit of poetry but an authentic and spontaneous response to Joyce Kilmer’s reflection on his suffering as a soldier in the Great War. He died 100 years ago today. Thank you, Christina, Will.


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