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Night Divine

Preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ, I look back on a post from my first year of blogging, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Christina Chase

Some people don’t get Christianity, or any religion.  They hear a phrase like, “Have you found the Lord?” and they cringe a little or roll their eyes.  I don’t blame them for being dismissive.  I’ve done a lot of eye rolling myself.  But cynicism and flippancy won’t get us far in the pursuit of truth.  The thing about Christianity, what is valid and vital, is… well, Jesus, the Christ.  Anyone’s honest, deep, personal encounter with Christ shouldn’t be dismissed – for to do so is to miss the heart of the matter that we call life.

None of us are all that we want to be… or all that we could be or even should be.  We all miss the mark.  And we know it.  This is not only because we are inherently fallible and prone to mistakes, but also because we willfully fall short of the ideal.  We choose…

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There once was a cripple…
who wasn't afraid to acknowledge that she was a cripple or to share her life of wonder, struggles, sorrow, and joy with perfect strangers. Here I am.
Join me as I explore the reality of divine love in the flesh, reflecting on what it means to be fully human, fully alive.

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