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Pull up a Seat

In between finishing up the (hopefully) last revision of my book and starting an online enrichment course on ecclesiology, I thought I’d take up another photo challenge for this week’s post.

Through Cee’s Photography blog I found XingfuMama and “Pull up a Seat.” Who knows the importance of a place to sit better than I do? I make sure that I bring my chair with me wherever I go! 🙂

Click on an image to make it bigger, then flip through.

Happy sitting everyone! And be sure to take the time to enjoy the wonders of this terribly beautiful world of ours.

© 2019 Christina Chase

Much love and thanks to my father, the photographer. Please do not copy and use these images without giving credit plus a link to this site. Thank you!

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There once was a cripple…
who wasn't afraid to acknowledge that she was a cripple or to share her life of wonder, struggles, sorrow, and joy with perfect strangers. Here I am.
Join me as I explore the reality of divine love in the flesh, reflecting on what it means to be fully human, fully alive.

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