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Pilgrimage, Canada, woman in wheelchair, St-Venant-de-Paquette

To help you begin your exploration of Divine Incarnate, here is a list of posts that I suggest. Please click on the title to bring you to the post:


About the Reason for the Blog

Consecrated (my first post)

Talk the Talk – Walk the Walk?  (a follow-up on being consecrated)

Not Fulfilled yet   (a follow-up to the follow-up)

Half-Heartedness Doesn’t Reach into Majesty



May I Call Myself a Cripple?

Glory Days: Valedictory Speech

Making the Sign of the Cross

What Would You Do?  The Prisoner

The Holy Door: A Personal Pilgrimage

“Who Are You?” Mentor and Memoir


On Suffering and Death


When I Die

Air followed by Inspire followed by Expire

Prepared to Die and Preparing to Die in Five Easy Steps

The Cancer Scare:

It Is What It Is… But What Is It? followed by The Unknown


On Faith

Unknowing Worship

Food of Prayer


First Friday and the Revolution (part of my Faith Facilitators series)

A Stranger Appears in the Making of the Bread  (part of a series on Mary)

What Is Holy Communion? How I’d like to Break It down to My Little Ones (part of a collection of posts written simply with children in mind called Little Lessons)

You may also want to browse Poetry to find poems that I’ve written.

Happy exploring!

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