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Promise of a New Year

blank book with a pencil that's been sharpened for writing

Happy New Year!

Another new year. I am grateful that they keep coming, but also aware that there is a limited supply. For me, perhaps a more limited supply than for others. That may not be the cheeriest thought for a New Year’s post, but there really is nothing happier and more uplifting than the cherished living of every moment, full of appreciation and generosity — no matter the circumstances. I don’t want to be stingy with my time, my hours, my days, my years, however many their ultimate number may be. I want to live fully and become fully the person that I was created to be, making the most of my gifts, my talents, my energy, and my time. This one, unique person who is me, Christina Chase, was divinely created, divinely loved into being, for a divine and specific purpose.

I don’t want to let myself down.

And yes, that means that I don’t want to let my Creator down. God made me, God made you, God made everything, all of this, for a reason. And I believe that reason is good, is beautiful, terribly beautiful. So I need to learn to trust God when things are going contrary to my plans, contrary to my desire. Real hope is living securely in God’s love and resting assured in God’s love. I’m definitely not always good at that. But God is merciful, and every day is a new day.

This year, 2022, I am making another New Year’s resolution. The one that I made in 2018 was rather successful, so I’m going to try it again. I know that I can’t make my commitment a reality without the help of my loved ones, without the encouragement of you, dear readers, and certainly my resolution will come to naught without God’s grace. My plan (God may or may not be laughing) is to write my conversion story into a book.

I want to get the first draft of the new book completed by the end of April. This is my goal. You who are reading this now, you who have been faithful readers, please help me to achieve it by holding me to it! Ask me how the book is going and bug me about it in the comments of future posts, and also in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube comments, if you are so inclined. Thank you!

Speaking of YouTube, I finally made a new video. I went with unscripted, talking mainly about hope, and I plan to make new unscripted videos every month. (Hmmm… another plan?) If you’d like to check it out, click here: Our Hope.

May you have a happy, healthy, and luminous new year!

© 2022 Christina Chase

Feature Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

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Although crippled by disease, I'm fully alive in love. I write about the terrible beauty and sacred wonder of life, while living with physical disability and severe dependency. A revert to the Catholic faith through atheism, I'm not afraid to ask life's big questions. I explore what it means to be fully human through my weekly blog and have written a book: It's Good to Be Here, published by Sophia Institute Press.

5 thoughts on “Promise of a New Year Leave a comment

  1. Dearest Christina, you constantly voice our deepest longings and wishes to say them out loud. God gifted you with this task and you are faithfully following His will. What tremendous blessing and hope you pour into our hearts! Thank you!!!
    May God’s Holy Spirit, that inspires you, keep blowing into your body and soul that peace and love beyond all understanding!

    Your Sis in Christ!


  2. Once again I am totally inspired -Thank you for this New Years message of Faith, Hope and Love! Your post and YouTube message give me a better understanding of life and the true meaning of being here. TRUSTing in God, & knowing he will Bring peace to our hearts through anything we might go through is so important but sometime hard to remember. Your constant weekly reminders are amazing!! Thank you💙
    Happy New Year

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